Weight Lifting

Essential Weight Lifting Moves For Beginners

Weightlifting is undeniably one of the toughest activities out there. It is a kind of sport that demands a lot of practice, endurance and dedication to master it. Even the simplest mistakes will end with some devastating results. Many have this perception that it is all about strength and power. But there are a lot of techniques involved in the activity to do it without any flaws. In this article, we will see some of the essential weighting moves for the beginners.

Bench Press

The bench press is the most common move when it comes to weight lifting. People who are working out to improve and strengthen their chest muscles opt for bench press. The bench press requires a bench and the weights that you are going to lift for doing it. There are different kinds of bench press. They are standard bench press, incline bench press, and decline bench press. The difference is entirely dependent on the angle at which you have positioned yourself above the torso area. Most of the bench press equipment will come with the facility to adjust the angles according to our requirement.



Squats are probably the easiest and the basic to do when it comes to weighting lifting moves. When it comes to squats, all you need is the weights, and you do not need any other thing to do it.  Squats mainly focus on the lower body and have a massive impact on calf muscles. The quadriceps can be improved by the front squat variation. With back squat variations, the glutes and hamstrings can be improved. Squats are the kind of exercise that can be performed with bumbles, barbells or you can use your own body weight.

Dead lift

Dead lift

The dead lift is one of the hardest, and it is more like a squat. Dead lifting focuses on the entire body, and it improves the core of the body. By performing dead lifting with a barbell, your lower back will gain a lot of strength as there is an immense pressure applied to it.  This will also provide you with the strength to perform other exercises very easily.

Power clean

The power clean is a move that is very similar to dead lifts. The difference is that it is done with very less weights when compared to dead lifts. The main areas of focus are lower body, back and deltoids. In the earlier days, it was performed only with barrels. The modern trainers are using kettle bells, which have resulted in maximum movement while working out.


If you want to improve the strength of your back rows are undoubtedly the best option. Bent over rows is one of the must-do moves in your workout regimes. It might be very simple, but it has a lot of positive impacts. It can be done with the barbells or dumbbells.