BlueSky Peptides: What Exactly Does The Community Says?

I have seen BlueSky being cited lots of times on the internet, which explains why I’ve decided to put together a comprehensive BlueSky Peptides Review.

Peptides are often utilized to help speed up recovery with tendons and ligaments. It is therefore very important that you’ve got high-purity Peptides, you want the best results you can get. If your goods are underdosed, you won’t feel any consequences in any way.

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BlueSky Peptides is famous as one of the biggest Peptides vendors online, but are the products they market worth using?


If you want something that will help cure your injuries, you’re likely to need some high-quality materials. These guys claim to have the maximum quality peptides you can get but I’m very skeptical. The very first thing I noticed was that Bluesky Peptides have really low prices.

The fact they’ve very cheap products might be a red flag. You may see that these men offer buy 1 get 1 free on most of the peptides they sell. This means that for GHRP-2 5mg you’ll be paying only $15 per bottle. I have never seen prices that low.

So we’ve talked about prices, but how is the quality? On every product page, you’ll find the product specifications including purity. You want the purity of a product to be at LEAST 98%.

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Let’s take a peek at BPC-157, among the most popular peptides around. On the product page, they assert that it’s at 98.99% purity. There are also HPLC files attached to each product. When checking out the report for BPC-157, you’ll find that there is no firm mentioned anywhere on the report. That’s quite odd to me personally, there should at least be a Certificate of Analysis available. Especially together claiming to have high-quality products.

I’m not sure men, the fact that they have third-party reports with no company information or anything is strange. I might be wrong, let us see what users have to say about BlueSky Peptides.


As you might already know, I am a very big advocate of studying user reviews. In my opinion, the testimonials of a firm can tell you exactly what the quality of the products is like. Particularly in the Peptides and SARMs industry.

For user reviews, I like to test out different forums where research chemicals are popular. I decided to check out what users had to say about BlueSky Peptides, that was quite disappointing, to say the least.

Should they’ve legit products they should have proof of testing.
I asked them a couple of weeks back and they never replied, which leads me to believe they don’t test their product before reselling it.

Here’s one of the comments I discovered on a subject about Bluesky peptides. This man pretty much hits the nail on the head. They should be able to provide you with evidence that they have legitimate products. This person decided to e-mail them concerning the testings and never got a reply.

When you look at their reviews it will say that their products are greatly underused. I rolled the dice anyway because it was a buy 1 get 1 free deal and figured that if it was underdosed I’d have two vials anyhow and it’d come out to the same. I was wrong.

Again guys, these are only reviews I have discovered on Bluesky Peptides online. I don’t have some personal experience with these men and I won’t be giving them a shot. There are too many negative reviews about this vendor, that’s why I’ve decided to go with another company.