Wood Slide mobile game


Games help you recreate and are a good way of keeping your mind healthy. They let you challenge your mind’s capabilities in a fun mood that will help you think smarter and also improves your memory. The latest game under discussion is a game by Nebula Studio, Wood block Slide. Nebula Studio is a Silicon Valley based company that has dedicated itself to kids and adults.

The game under discussion, Wood block Slide, is a fun game for kids and adults, both. The game is suitable for people who like strategy games. The game has a pretty interactive interface and combined with an engaging music, game proves to be very addictive in nature. Wood block Slide, as clear from the name has a task of sliding the green colored wood block to the other end. One has to plan and rethink several times to get the wood block piece through. The game has 45 levels, in total, starting with a basic nine levels. Each level has a three star review system, which rates the player’s performance. This rating is based on the time you consume to get the green wood block through. The game is highly engaging and makes you think all the time. This feature helps to eradicate the factor of monotony from game.

The game starts with level one. There is a timer that starts the moment game starts. It records your time to finish the game. There is a green wood block which is entangled between other wood blocks. Other wood blocks are jumbled up and you have to find a way to get the green wood block through, by sliding them back and forth or up and down. There are different wood blocks of different sizes and in different orientation. A particular wood block can either move back and forth or up and down. This depends on the orientation of wood block as it is placed initially. For instance, a vertically placed wooden block can only move and up and down. The task of the player is to make the wooden blocks move, one after another, in such a way that the player is able to get the green block to the right corner.


There are 45 levels in total and the task in all the levels is same and, that is to drag the green wooden block and getting it through to the right corner by dragging other wood blocks and clearing its way. The difficulty level increases with every increasing level and the more difficult it becomes to get a higher rating. The game is for anyone who likes to plan and plays stuff like puzzles or Sudoku, then this game is for him.


You can play this fun game of Wood Slide on any device. The game, Wood Slide, is soon to be launched to android/ iOS / Firefox marketplace.

Play for free: Wood Slide