What we do at Nebula Game Studio?


Welcome to our release and developing blog. Nebula Game Studio is a place where you can find your latest game release and also tips about Construct 2 ins and out. We are novice users of Construct 2 but we learn fast. Each time we find something worth sharing we will make a small tutorial or video to demonstrate. I hope you will like our new blog idea. We are based in Silicon Valley in California, USA.

At Nebula Studio we thrive on making awesome games for kids and adult alike. We make our games using Construct 2 and publish them on many marketplace. We will share our development tips in Construct 2 and you will be able to discover our games first hand before they are released. Stay Tuned gamers and developers.

What type of games do you make?

We have a few games in the making with several different type of gameplay and we will try to use Construct 2 from Scirra for everything. We will even show off our work in progress games once in a while.

Where can I find your games?

We have a section where you can find our games on Nebula Studio website. You will be able to play all our HTML5 games for free there. You will be able to find also if our games are also on the many marketplaces out there. We will do our best to export our games to Android / IOS / Amazon and many more for your convenience.