Future format for textbooks


I was reading the magazine Tech & Learning of May 2009 (pg14) and i think that the survey about the textbooks we use in schools are quite an eye opening outcome. The next generation of students and the current one are going to be using a lot more of digital devices for learning.

Even if you think that todays ecology is responsible for the new generation to adopt and change their ways - you cannot close your eyes that our world is becoming more and more digital. The re-usability idea behind digital book is great. You can update at any moment the content of a book and push it to your readers in real time. Now that is interactivity!


I really do see the future ebook readers be given at any school where student can upload their textbooks onto - thus reducing paper waste - making changes in textbook prices for student - allowing updating to next versions - minimizing the student excuses like my dog ate my book!!!!

You could even track if student have read the books or chapter and for how long. Another advantage for ebooks - you can search and zoom in and have back light!

Now we all dream that our kids would be retaining 100% of everything we teach them! Learning by using interactive tools like quizzes, serious games, customization of the book, full animation of content learned, and other resources over the internet is really not that hard to do. At today's technology advances we can do it all - we just need a developer to make it happen and schools to adopt it!