Fun to play toddler game!


In today’s technology advanced world, every child has become not only a fan of technology, but has also become technology dependent! The children of today have become so familiar with the advanced technology that no one needs to teach them how to operate a device like a laptop or a smart phone etc. Most of the time, we find the kids today on their devices. A kids mind absorbs stuff quickly so it is important that they learn things when they are young instead of playing violent games.

One such game is the toddler game developed by Nebula Studio. As the name suggests, the game has been specifically made while keeping children in mind since children today are less interested in toys and more interested in computer games.

Nebula Studio is based in USA in the Silicon Valley, California. They have created games for both adults and kids and the games are loved by all. There are many games on the Nebula Studio website that you can play for free. Currently, they are working to develop their games on different platforms like on the Android operating system and the iOS.

The game is an interactive fun to play game. It is colorful too hence attracting the attention of the kid. The game could be called educational as it teaches numbers, shapes and alphabets to kids. The game also has a pleasant music making the child enjoy the game more.

As you press play, you are directed to the home screen. There you can see three options; shapes, numbers and alphabets. The interface for the game is very colorful so surely it will hold on the child’s attention for a longer time.


When you drag and drop on the triangle, you can see three shapes, a square, a triangle and a circle. You just have to drag and drop and match the shape to the one similar to it.


The second option is numbers. In this, there is a blackboard with shapes made on it. There are four options underneath and you have to choose the right number that is the number of things made on the board. On clicking an option, the number is spoken out aloud which helps the child in learning the pronunciation of numbers.


The last option is alphabets. In this there are three things made adjacent to the box. And the instructions are given like drag and drop the things starting with a certain alphabet.

There are three tasks in any of the levels you choose to learn; numbers, alphabets or shapes! After completing a respective activity, the child is encouraged by the background music of children cheering. This definitely makes a child happy and makes him want to play more.

This is an easy to play game and will definitely make a child learn a lot of stuff even before he is enrolled in school! So the next time you see your child playing on your phone, just open the toddler game and let your child play his heart away!

Play for free: Toddler Game