Adventure Matching - Drag and drop mobile game


In present time, playing games is considered an important activity for your child’s social and mental development. It can also help your child to develop his creative skills. It creates courage and inspires your child to prove himself as the best at what he does.

Nebula Studio, LLC is an indie game studio, based in California, USA, where they develop games for kids and adults and theirs games are very much popular among all. They are proudly working on numerous projects too. Nebula studio LLC recently came up with a new game specially designed and developed for kids - Adventure Matching.

This is the next game for those kids who love to matching shapes. Adventure matching takes the incredibly addictive the Match gameplay and pairs it with its similar shape. The game comprises of 10 levels with a 3 star system. The primary goal of the game is to complete the present level in order to play the next level. However, a player can improve its score by playing the same level again and again.

This game is very much simple and incredibly interesting too. As the game start, the player will have to select the game level. If you’re a beginner, than the game starts on level 1 automatically. After selecting the level you will than proceed to the game. You will be noticing a shape in the top and along with some options at the bottom (i-e circle, square, triangle, rectangle or oval). You need to select the correct shape from these options to complete the specific round. In the end of the round you will get the notification of score and also how many attempts you have taken to complete the level.


The game comprises of 10 levels and along with each level your child will be excited and wants to play more. The pleasant background music of the game will make your child even more happy and encourage him to play the game again and again.


If your child loves to play matching games than this game is perfect for him. The interface for the adventure game is extremely brilliant so without a doubt it will hang on the kid's attention for a longer time. The game is helpful in developing your child shape recognizing, matching and creative skills.


You can play this fun game of adventure matching on any device. The adventure matching game is soon to be launched to android/ iOS / Amazon / Firefox marketplace.

This easy to play game will definitely help your kid to learn something good about shape matching. This is good way of assisting your child to develop much knowledge of his skills and enjoying activities.

Play for free: Adventure Matching